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Where erp is the main attraction

The Eden Apis was created because no other erp-focused servers were easily found. The time, in which, people can openly express their sexual side is long over due. In The Eden Apis, we mainly enjoy ERP within the game VRChat.

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Don't know where to start? We have it covered!

We know all types people have different types of experience but we have you covered if it's your first time doing ERP, our friends in have you covered with an excelent guide!

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Because it's always better together

  • Eden ERP Night

    A night to give into your desires

    A night-time event to let you express your darkest desires. There’s, also, the possibility of getting more private with other members.

  • Eden Drinking

    It's always fun

    We also do events were we drink together, while playing games, and have lots of fun!

  • Eden Dancing

    It's time to move

    Those night happens and it's the perfect occasion to either use up your energy and dance or even get a dance from another user.

  • Eden Cuddles

    The only wholesome moment

    Yes it does happen sometime, members like to have a little moment to just cuddle and be happy like that. gotta balance all that lewd side.

  • More

    More to come

    The there is always more to come.

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